"When our two older boys were babies I grew so tired of ill fitting cot bedding.
I devised a number of my own alternatives and was in the process of designing something for manufacture.
However, the Cozitot has stopped me in my tracks!
It is the most brilliantly designed bedding. Extremely high quality in it's materials and manufacture.
It has been an absolute joy to use for our third child.
So neat, always! No bulky blankets to contend with. No dangerous loose sheets. No constant remaking of the bed at every sleep time.
Just one easy motion of zipping the side up or down. Couldn't be simpler!
It makes for a very peaceful bedtime and great peace of mind knowing our baby is warm, covered and safe.
~ Joelene, Ringwood

"The Cozitot is baby bedding that takes the hassle out of bedtime. It has been the best addition to our nursery (apart from the baby of course!) Given to me for my third child, I only wish it had been around when my other two children were babies. It looks and feels like a classic baby blanket but incorporates the practical features of a sleeping bag, making sleep time so much easier. Once fitted on the cot mattress it stays put; neat, safe and secure. After laying Nicholas down, I simply zip up one side of the Cozitot and he is tucked in. When he is awake again, I unzip and fold back the Cozitot. It is in place for the next sleep; no refitting or retucking necessary. Even if I use other blankets on top of the Cozitot, it helps keep them tucked in and tidy too. As it can be fitted much more securely than blankets alone, the Cozitot seemed to help in transitioning Nicholas from being swaddled to leaving his arms free. While he is still not a textbook sleeping baby, the Cozitot saves precious minutes during those middle of the night wakings!"
~ Natalie (mother of 3)
"I cannot recommend the Cozitot enough. I started using the Cozitot, when my third son was born. The peace of mind it gave me was absolutely priceless. Knowing he was safe and that there was no chance he could have his head covered with loose blanketing, was so reassuring. He quickly associated it with a secure and comfortable sleep and even began to smile and laugh when I zipped it up; it became like a sleep signal for him to settle. I always take it away with me when I use the porta cot and this always ensures a stress free bed routine and a settled sleeping baby no matter where, as it is familiar and cozy. It is so easy to use and the quality is outstanding. I have two so I always have one on hand when the other one is in the wash. He is now two and I am still using it. Amazing value for money and out of my three children he is by far the best sleeper."
~ Heidi, Ringwood
"As a first time mum, I constantly found myself checking the temperature of my daughters room. Worried she was cold but scared to use blankets incase they became untucked and would cover her.
First sleep with her new cotiztots bedding and we both had a fantastic nights sleep!!
She did not wake from being cold/needing comfort. And I was able to have a very rested night without worry.

Will be definitely be recommending the cozitots products!!
~ Caitlin.

"I have been using the Cozitot for my third son and it is wonderful. He goes to sleep because he is comfortable and stays asleep because he stays comfortable. I don’t worry about him kicking the blankets off and becoming cold or the sheets and blankets covering his face because of the secure design. I wish that I’d had the Cozitot for my older boys."
~ Clare, Park Orchards.

"I first heard about Cozitot a couple of years ago and I thought that it would be a great product. Now, after having my first baby and using the Cozitot in my baby’s bassinet I love it! It is an amazing piece of bedding and a must have for any parent. My little one gets a good night’s sleep as he is kept snug and warm no matter how much he wriggles and kicks around at night and I get piece of mind knowing there are no blankets coming untucked and covering his face. It also has the added bonus of not having to make his bed every day, giving me more time to spend with him."
~ Melanie Glass, Rosebud, Victoria October, 2013
"Using the Cozitot has made our bedtimes so much easier. I always struggled with getting blankets tucked in and they would always come untucked. The Cozitot has made it so much easier, now I have a better nights sleep knowing his blankets aren’t all over the place. He doesn’t become uncovered and cold during the night, so he’s having better nights sleep too."
~ Heather, Melbourne

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