How it works

Fitting Instructions  - Please ensure the Cozitot® is fitted as per the safe sleeping practice for fitting baby bedding to a cot.
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Apply fitted sheet to the mattress. Slide Cozitot up over the mattressTurn mattress and Cozitot over and ajdust straps on the reverse side, to the required firmnessUsing the short sheet method, slide the Cozitot to child's chest height. Ensuring measurement is made with the child's feet at the foot of the cot.If there is any excess Cozitot at the end of the mattress, neatly fold and tuck under the mattress.Unzip sides and fold down top coverlet of CozitotZip up top coverlet of Cozitot.

Note:There is an opening in the top coverlet for a cotton liner.

Cozitots® are suitable for use with Cots, Bassinets, Cradles, Portacots, Toddler Beds and Carry Cot prams!