The story of how Cozitot came to be

The Cozitot was an idea born out of desperation, frustration and confusion. I was always concerned about how my babies were dressed for bed and had succumb to all the products on the market in effort to get a good nights sleep. All of these products are produced in an effort to reduce the risk of SIDS and remove the requirement for blankets. I always found that I had dressed them too lightly or to heavily and by the time they were asleep there was nothing on this earth that would make me wake them to alter this.

So, like most mums I would add a blanket very carefully, and in most cases not very successfully. In the case where they were too hot I would just fret, worry and panic until the temperature dropped - if it did at all. Both of my children would wake continuously through the night anyway and then I would start the dance of musical blankets- on or off, on or off?

Upon discussion with lots of other mums I discovered I was not alone in this conundrum. Considering myself to be quite the problem solver, I set about designing a solution for this problem with my very clever sewing mum. I decided to do some research into the safety side of my innovation and began to discover a whole new aspect to my designing journey. Upon reading some research journals I discovered that the incidence of SIDS cases found due to head covering was alarmingly high. It was at this point my design cause had immediately elevated from sleep deprived frustration to one of absolute necessity.

Ten or so ideas and samples later I finally arrived at the cozitot. We used it with my daughter and didn't, look back. It completely took the ? out of bedtime and gave me enormous peace of mind not to mention sleep.

Cozitot – Peace of Mind