Q: Why should I use a Cozitot instead of ordinary sheets and blankets?

A: The Cozitot is much easier to use and a better alternative to ordinary sheets, blankets and quilts. The Cozitot replicates ordinary sheets and blankets and can be moved up along the mattress to suit any height.

Regular sheets and blankets can be tricky at sleep times. Parents are always resetting, tucking and trying to safely secure bedding at sleep times, not to mention throughout sleep times for babies who won’t settle.

When using the Cozitot, bedtime consists of two easy steps:
1. Sleep time: Place baby down with their feet at the foot of cot and zip up zips.
2. Wake time: Unzip the zips and take baby out of cot.

Note: The Cozitot is ready for the next nap; no remaking of the cot bedding is necessary.


Q: Will my baby slip down under the Cozitot?

A: As with any apparatus used for children... highchairs, car seats, prams and the like you need to fit the Cozitot according to the instructions. The Cozitot is short sheeted just like any other sheet and blanket; the only difference is it will not become loose. Your baby’s feet will be placed at the foot of the cot ensuring that they cannot wriggle or slip beneath the covers. Sids and Kids campaigns promote the method of short-sheeting the cot. The short sheet method of making up a cot minimizes the risks associated with cot bedding.
Still not sure? Take the challenge and lie on your back with your feet at a wall, it is very difficult to wriggle down. Babies are very good at doing the caterpillar crawl backwards up the cot because they bend their knees and push up the cot. Doing a reverse caterpillar with nowhere to go is impossible.

Q: My child seems to sleep all around the cot and is a very restless sleeper; wouldn’t s/he just wriggle out of the Cozitot?

A: One of the great features of the Cozitot is that it stays put and keeps baby warm and snug for longer. The Cozitot promotes longer and sounder sleeps by:
 Reducing startle reflexes that can wake babies up prematurely.
 Reducing the likelihood of them rolling too vigorously, waking themselves up and sometimes hitting their heads on the cot bars.
 Removing the possibility of kicking off blankets and becoming restless and cold.
 Producing a versatile and superior sleep zone using the excellent thermal properties of cotton to assist in helping to keep baby’s temperature comfortable.
 Assisting parents with fast no-fuss re-settling.

Using a Cozitot assists in preventing premature wake-ups and helps keep the restless wriggling sleeper still and peaceful for longer periods.


Q: Should I still be using a sleep suit bag with the Cozitot?

A: The Cozitot is to be treated just as you would normal sheets and blankets. It is a matter of personal preference. The Cozitot with the liner included provides a 3.4 Tog Rating; understanding this helps parents to know what type of sleeping attire is appropriate for their particular climate.


Q: Will it fit my mattress?

A: One of the excellent features of the Cozitot is the adjustable elastic straps on the back. These straps can be pulled tight for a firm fit or loosened off for a more relaxed fit. The Cozitot fits most standard size cot mattresses. For more info refer to Products and Accessories.


Q: What is the Cozitot made from?

A: The Cozitot is made from 100% cotton fabric.
The Cotton Liner is made from 100% Cotton Japara outer and a cotton fill.
The Blankets are made from 100% brushed cotton fabric.


Q: Can I put it in the normal wash?

A: Cozitot can be put in the washing machine on a normal cold or warm cycle.


Q: Do I need to use the cotton liner with the cozitot?

A: The Cozitot is composed of two layers, the cotton lining and the outer cotton waffle cover. Hence forming a two-sheet thickness that is great for warmer months of the year. Over winter and cooler months you may choose to insert the cotton liner for added warmth. This will depend on the climate in your baby’s room and how you have dressed them for bed.


Q: Under what circumstances would I add a blanket to the top coverlet?

A: You may choose to add a blanket to the top coverlet if you have felt your baby’s chest and noticed it to be a little cold. There can sometimes be an unexpected drop in temperature that you have not allowed for when dressing your baby for bed so you can easily add another blanket securely without fuss. Alternately, you may need to remove a blanket if you notice your baby is a little hot. You can do this with minimal fuss and without un-tucking other bedding, leaving the Cozitot securely in place.


Q: Can my child overheat in the Cozitot?

A: It is important to remember that the Cozitot mimics good old-fashioned sheets and blankets; the only difference is it does not come loose. You can still use your sleeping suit bags, layering your child according to the temperature in your nursery. The great thing about using these products in conjunction with one another is that you can adjust the Cozitot to suit the seasons or climate of your nursery. In warmer climates you may choose not to use the cotton liner, leaving you with two layers of cotton and choose a light weight sleeping suit bag. If it suddenly becomes cold and you have not placed enough layers over your sleeping baby, you can securely add a Cozitot blanket or two with minimal fuss or alternately remove them if it becomes too hot.
With the cotton liner in place the Cozitot has a thermal rating of 3.4 TOG so you just consider this in the same way you would blankets.
The Cozitot is made from 100% cotton fabric, as is the liner, so it has excellent thermal properties and assists in helping to keep your babies temperature comfortable. It will not trap heat like synthetic blankets.

Q: Do I need any other bedding?

A: You only need a fitted sheet; all the rest is taken care of.


Q: Can I use this with my Toddler bed?

A: Yes it will fit your toddler bed. The great thing is your toddler will not fall out of bed during the transition from cot to toddler bed because the zipped sides will keep them in. They also love being able to climb in and do up the Zip themselves. To most children the zip becomes a sleep signal and the Cozitot is like a comforter. It helps to make the transition to toddler beds a smooth one because they are bringing their Cozitot with them. You can even take it travelling with you.


Other interesting information

• Once asleep our body temperature drops.
• It is recommended that your baby’s nursery be kept at 18 degrees
• There should be no other bumpers, quilts or toys in the cot
• The mattress should fit the cot properly
• The temperature will drop rapidly around 3am, hence the 3am wake ups (cold) so try to keep room at same temperature.
• At around 4am our body temperature begins to warm up again, so sometimes babies may wake due to feeling too warm.
• Babies will not settle easily if they are too hot or too cold
• Babies who have rolled up into a hunched ball while sleeping are cold