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Cot Blanket
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Blanket Colour
Bassinet/Cradle Blanket
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Cotton fabic bound with Polyester / acetate satin. Adding gentle, calming colour and light weight warmth, great for Spring and Summer.
Available in 5 different colours; Blue, Pink, Lemon, Mint, White.

Two sizes available for your Cot Cozitot, and Bassinet/Cradle Cozitot*

*The White Cot Blanket is currently out of stock, still avilable with Cot Cozitot sets..

*The Bassinet/Cradle Blanket is currently out of stock, some colours still available with Bassinet and Cradle Cozitot sets.

While the Cozitot blankets are specifically designed to fit the Cozitot, they can also be a general purpose blanket.


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